Used Tanning Beds


 KBL 3500 Turbo $5995  12 min max 160watt system  3x500watt facials LCD display,W/NEW LAMPS Accent lights,Dims 89×46, 3 or 1 phase avail.   FOB AZ
 KBL5600 $7996 w/New lamps, Cleaned & tested 12 min sn#56011673U,2009isd,  3 phase power fob milford mass 01757  
Matrix L33ER  $9995 /2004ISD  new air filters,  standard accent lights, voice guide, new LED display  pad,   rotating columns 2&4 , FOB San Jose ca 95119
Ergoline OpenSun 1050  bed  New Touch Pad, New Bench Acrylic OEM  cleaned and tested, 33×600 watts 12 min. FOB TX
Ergoline Affinity 600’s  12 min. 2010 ISD  W/A/C refurbished w/new lamps, acrylics as needed decor lights, 46x160w & 3x600w facials cleaned and tested palletize fob Houston Tx 
    Hydration station $4995 w/newer  mattress and canopy cover 30 min version 30 day parts warranty  FOB Arizona 
 Iso Italia lamps and parts and tech support 800-995-6990
 Ergolin Sun Angel S46 12,995 reconditioned with new lamps and top acrylic, filters, accent lights, FOB Huston TX
 SunItalia Magic Plus 4 360hp  20×650 watts 12 min max 3 phase fits in 8×7 room 
ClassicLegTanner $4995 refurbished w/newlamps 38×85 watts 12 min max
 Hydration station parts mattress and canopy cover and main board good and tested just need display board $ FOB San Jose Ca 95119
 Ergoline Advantage 400’s    15min max  140-160 watt 40 lamps 3×400 facials fob Arizona 
 Ergoline Sunrise 480’s  4 Avail. 2012 ISD
 Matrix V19er  sold  TOTAL HRS. ONLY 638 W/NEW LAMPS AND FILTERS  CALL for 800-995-6990
fob kansas
  Matrix V28 2003ISD SOLD SN#1830280 28x800watts 12 min.w/new lamps  and  Crated ready to ship FOB Kansas MO call 408-227-8599 
Ergoline EVO500’s(3) $5995ea, 43/160W LAMPS, 3/520W FACIALS, /25W SHOULDER TANNERS, 12 MINUTE  FOB KS
KBL 6800  SOLD w/shoulder tanners, A/C, voice, (New Lamps shipped separately,  Low hours FOB AZ 
Beauty Angel RT-30  2011 ISD SOLD.00Red Light w/vibro floor plates and voice guide plus sound system 10 min max FOB NY . call for freight quote 408-227-8599
SUNCAPSULE VITESSE SCII250W  CPO MODELS  REFURBISHED W/NEW Door,Graphics,Fan Assembly,Lamps & Sockets,Ceiling,Floor,Walls,Trim, FOB MFG. FACILITY 01757
   Versaspa Plus SOLD reconditioned  w/voice and heat,  W/ LCD display,,automatic wash, open design, 52 tmax programmable codes face,legs and body options FOB Ca 95119   
Matrix L33ER 2004   w/new lamps, new air filters,  standard accent lights, voice guide, new display key pad, ,  rotating colums 2&4
over head LED display , FOB San Jose ca 95119
Ergoline Ambition 300 turbos 160w160  40/3 facials 12min fob dallas TX
KBL 7000 extratan model 7800series $35,995 call for more info 800-995-6990  
Pro Fusion body  infrared body wrap system. call for brochure picture is not the actual item similar model  
Tanses , (1)T44  10min Sold bed,and  12 min bed all 160watt beds low hours 1100-1500max w/accent lighting fob las vegas nv.. package priced $1995 call for details 800-995-6990
CoCoon wellness spa  FOB Tx caal for details   
 Jk Soltron Peach Party 2011 ISD S-50 level 3/4, 12 min 160/180watts same as inspiration 400, fob Dallas Tx  
  Sunscape 756V  SOLD meter booth 8min max. 200 watts x 56 lamps, acrylics, Fob Ca
Autotransformer 50-70amp New/used (7)2 kva bucknbooster, $195ea                  (10)1.5 kva BB’s, $175ea                          (3)1.0kva BB’s, $150ea                                 FOB San Jose Ca……………..    
KBL 3503   ,15 min max, 2010 ISD’s, 32/3 facials low hours,   LCD display, body fan sound   
Suncapsule 250w Eclispe 2008 2meter booth Low Hours  7min max 60x250watts LCD timer w/new lamps FOB Las vegas Nv
ETS Velocity HP    18 x 1,000 watt  lamps low hours  3 phase service 80 amps room dim’s=9×9 FOB TN ………..crated ready to ship…..  
Ergoline Ambition   15min max 160/120 watt, 3x400w orig hrs 3300-4400  facials FOB Denver Col….
Malibu 42/4 $4995 w/newer lamps and bench acrylic, 12min.max 42x160watts & 500×4 facials ,body fans,cd/radio and tmax built in fob san jose ca 95119
Sundash Pro      
 Classic Leg Tanner12min max ,still in original crate FOB San Jose ca .800-995-6990   
Starship SCII60  Refurbished $7995 new floor,Lamps,starters,fan, 9min max w/dressing room s12,000watts,  60 day part warranty fob.Ca…….  
KBL 6900  10,CALL  10 min max only  SN#690043663U 2009 ISD, 48/4  200watt A/C, Shoulder Tanner, Voice, Misters, Aroma,music mp3 loaded FOB Mass call for info 800-995-6990  
Suncapsule SCII X11’s,2011, sold  (2) avail.with dressing   
 Affinity 800
Caltalina 32 VIP (2) avail. with built in stereo, fans, tmax, with w/30 day warranty. FOB San Jose Ca…….  
Tanwalls 11 rooms /room 8×9 9×9 6×8 with doors rosewood finish fob  fresno ca
Qmed Trolly Air brush system (2) avail.@$995 ea show demo models portable quiet w/warranty New was $2495
SunCube Laser Spray tan system $795 demo model FOB SaN Jose Ca 
Qmed Beauty Expresso $495 (2) New Air brush system for Tanning and whitening.Complete starter kit portable 800-995-6990
Ergoline Radius 252 2.0meter coming soon…fob NY 
Ergoline 650C HP Sold 
Solaris 442
ISO Matrix L18M  DEC 2010 Sold  only 650 original hours w/new set of lamps 12×800 watts 10 min, /side fob San Jose Ca 95119 
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