Used Tanning Beds


New Saturn HPVT25,
24@650watts and 1@800watt w/radio,back lighting,new mirrored filter glass,and 1 yr warranty fob Las Vegas Nv….call for special pricing..
,Ergoline 450c (1)2004 $3195ea low hours 42x160watts 4x500watt facials 12min.max palletized ready for p/up Las Vegas NV..  
AUVL Elixirs $3395ea. (2)
3phase,fully loaded w/A/C ,aroma Level 3 160watts beds 10min.
.Solaris X2 HP Booth 2009 only 1221 hours w/dressing room or w/out. 24x800watt lamps 10min max, Level 4. palletized fob. PA… $12,700ea..  
Versaspa’s Plus’s (3) available w/voice/heat, air dry,  fob… San Jose  Ca.. 3 available…session counts only 1400-1600 averages only….from $11,995…..  
SunCapsule Eclipse 250 2013 demo model with 100 original hours MSRP $18,000 will let go for $8498
in original packaging. FOB Mass…….
Tanamerica Catalina’s 2004(2)
$2495ea. Hours 23-2400hrs lamps hours 200 32x160watt and 3x400watts builtin tmax and body fans excellent condition….
KBL Pure Energy Tower 2008 model low hrs 10min max 52x230watts 2.0meter 1/3phase power requ. Back lighting $7995
fob san jose ca…
Ets Sundome 548 09 call for $$$$  orig.hrs.1381 48x160watt super clean 10min.max LCD display, f.o.b. San Jose, Ca…..
Uvscan 360HP  (3) avail. 74 HP lamps at 500watt ea. 8min.max 22,000 watts no exhaust required, 3 phase 65amps, 1200hr lamp life
$6995ea.FOB Mo……………. 
Ergoline JK kiss model 2006 (5)avail.20min max 32x120watt orig.hrs are 4000 approx. call for special package pricing fob NC…..
ERGOLINE AMBITIONS (5) 2006 models low hrs 2700 call for package pricing fob NC……………..
Tanamerica Sunup2 2004
$2295,  hours 2134,Lmp,hrs 215
48x160watt 2x1000watt facials.
10min max tmax and CD built in
. UWE Tropical 41UPP (4) Avail.15min max Level 2′s wired 3 phase, low amp draw 15amps
2006, average hrs, $2500ea or 8k for all 4. FOB Los Angeles
SolarForce 652 2011 model
Orig. Hrs 294,  $5995
52/200watt 2.0meter Watt Lamps LCD, Display 9min max.
w/acrylics..fob Mo.
New Leg Tanner for 2014 $8995                           
36VHOR lamps 12min.max,tmax built in,Dims 52x31in,electronic ballast,20amp circuit @230volts LED back lighting 3 color inventory available
Dr.Muller Orbit Flex  2001′s yr. $2495 44x160watts and 4x1000watt facials 12min max 3 phase only…..40 amps
Ergoline 600 3 avail. $4879ea
50x160watts & 4x500watts face and
shoulder tanners back lighting exhaust kit, etc… FOB..PA…..
TA Santa Barbra’s(4)&(3)
32x120watt and 3x400watt facials 4 & 3 w/out facials w/tmax and body fans 15min max 2400-2800hrs lamp hours 200-300hrs call for details$1995ea.fob St Luis Mo….
TanAmerica Pacifica’s (2) avail. 2008 $3495ea.36x160watt 3 facials w/fan and t-max builtin low hours super clean FOB NV………………
Royalsun Focus 60/27 Qty=4,avail 60x200watts+27x25watt facials 8min.max LCD display, fast flow foor, 2, white 2 Black/stainless.
$3995ea or obo….fob MO…
Sunstar 432 QTY (2) 2007′s $3500ea. 16x160w+16x120w
3x400w facials fans,tmax,hours 2538,2810
Fob. Pa.
ERgoline Radius 252  2006 model orig. hrs.4400 call for pricing fob…NC  
SolForce 648  2007′s 10mn. mx. 48x200watts, 4x400w SOLD facials,8x26w shoulder tanners,LCD display,body fan audio ready Hours 1411,1663 fob.PA  
Royal Sun 32 Express (3)avail.
(2006/7)$2,495 Original hrs. 1100 15 min exp time 32 / 120 Watt lamps All metal construction FOB san jose Ca..
Matrix L33 2004 Qty (2)$13895 27x650watts6x1,000watts w/rotating fixtures, low hours ,Manual Lift, 12min max 3 phase wired fob. NV..
Formostar Body  wrap 2011 model with new pads $5495 tested call for video fob san jose ca…
ERGOLINE EV600 2006 model orig.hrs 2800 excellent condition call for pricing…fob NC…….  
ETS 756 Qty,(2) $7995ea
1319&2376hrs.8min.max, 56x200w, lighting in/out,
cd/am/fm radiow/speakers 2.meter booth.f.o.b. san jose Ca & Pa……. 
UWE Sunboard Plus HP$6995  Level 4 13x1000watts and 10x400watts 15min.max New bench acrylic w/in 100hrs 2004 model.FOB..Las Vegas NV…..
ETS 2011 SS755 $9,995 orig hrs 625.  10min max 200 watt lamps x 55 +5x 500watt facials,10x26watt shoulder tanner,digital display level 4 fob ST.Luis Mo…
Mystic Tan HD 2010 low session count excellent condition . fully loaded, heat ,voice,auto wash, w/quiet compressor. FOB NC….$12900
Sunstar 332 (2006)
$2,295.00 (2) QTY
Original hours. 1164
15 min exposure time
32 / 120 Watt lamps
Royal Sun 38 Turbo’s (2005)
choke ballast 160watts
12Min.Max,w/vent kits $2995 (2) Available
Alphasun 38/18 facials 2009
Red Light Therapy bed w/new lights 15min max low hours $2395 FOB LV NV….
ERGO JK Soltron champ 2007
low hours 38/3 120watt very clean price to sell $3395..fob MO… 15min max level 2
Saturn HP25 2006 $15,995 only 1221hrs. 10 min max. 25x1000watts excellent cond. FOB NY….
Classic Leg Tanner (2) $1495ea 2008′s 12min.max #HL38 low hours good condition fob ok. 1 phase 15amps 220volt  
Ergoline Beauty Angel  550 fully loaded with vibration plate. plus  S&H fob San JOSE CA…………….

Suncube Laser Airbrush Sys. $1095 w/ organic solution.