Used Tanning Beds

UWE P90c  $15995,  New lamps and acrylic 5K value, low hours(4500), A/C,Misters Aroma,Leds,L5,12min.Max, well maintained 8 out of 10, FOB OR……………………..  
Matrix L33ER $12,995-14,995 Qty(2) models 33x650watts,12min. avg.hours  #1 high pressure bed in the world in 10 Countries. We are the west coast importer for MFG.w/warranty call 800-995-6990 ext 206 ONE  COMPLETELY REFURBISHED ** Picture is not actual unit..Factory Picture..model the same ..
    KBL Alpha 6800 (2) Available 2012 ISD’s $26,995ea w/new lamps only 1900 original hours, in OEM’s original packaging, Loaded with all options FOB MN…call 800-995-6990   
Matrix V28er 2004 $12,995 only (342)orig.hours  specs=22x650watts & 6x1000watts 3phase w/disconnect FOB California with New Lamps,New Digital keypad and air filters,$3k value  and more………… for more pics 800-995-6990  
Matrix L28ER/B $12,995 ,LCD display,Voice,Sound,  20kwatts 12min max, call for more pics FOB TN 30 day parts 800-995-6990
Uwe iBed (2),2011 ISD $14,995ea, Level 5, 3400-3800hrs only,
63 totla lamps A/C, LED’s Shoulders,Misters,Aroma, After Bronzer, 12min max time, acrylic are good,3 phase elec., 50 amps for FOB TN……………
Ergoline Beauty Angels 2010 model   RT30, $10,995,  only 1100 hours, Vibro floor plate,3D sound 12min, frosted acrylics, FOB  CA , Red Light Therapy booth.  

MAGIC 636 2004 $8995 12min only 5497hrs, Mug6 glass, voice, LCD display, w/transformer grey finish, power adjustment 8 levels. 

Ergoline Affinity 800 2009ISD
12-Minute UV Output in kj/min: 107.5
4 Ultra Performance 520-watt High-Pressure FacialsPower output switch for  facial zone (including OFF): 5 settings
51 Ergoline VHP Turbo Power 200-watts Lamps 71 inches,Reflector Neck Tanner
FOB San Jose Ca ……………..
KBL 7900 D7 04-07 ISD  Qty (3) $7995, 800-1500 orig.hours 54x200w 4x500w 10-12 min max  accent lights Loaded Fob Ca & TN Call for actual pictures of each unit. 
 Silver Bullet Se 2011 ISD $12,995 only 850 original hours w/new lamps Level 4 wA/C misters etc… FOB Canada 
SCII250′s (3) Avail. w/dressing rooms or without at $7995ea, ISD 2012′s,  total hrs 800 approx. 250 watt system,2 meter lamps 300-400hrs aprox. FOB VA call for more pics..408-227-8599  
 ETS SS755 2011 $7995 only 625orig.hrs. Level 5 10min max 55x200watts 5×500 watt facials shoulder tan, LCD display, Grey Finish,call for more pics FOB St Luis Mo.
Focus 60/6Facials 2meter $7995 60x200watts & 6x300watt facials 8min max with 2500 orig.hrs. good condition New 19k one of a kind mfg by Royalsun avail. in 3 or 1 phase choke ballast system.  
 KBL Pure Collagen 2011 $11,995 w/vibration  floor plate, 10min ,44 200watt collagen lamps, excellent condition low hours FOB TN…..  
Ergoline EV600 turbo $7995 only 2076  hours excellent condition Acrylic,43x160watts,3x500watt facials 7x25watt shoulder tanners and neck tanner w/A/C .call for more pics 800-995-6990
Matrix V28  $11995 by ISO Italia 21,000watts , 12min max LCD display, body ventalation, Music,exhaust kit fob San Jose Ca call 800-995 -6990  
Ergoline Classic 600 ISD 2003 $4995 only 2275 original hours excellent condition 8 out of 10 rated. With transformers fob San Jose ca …call for pics and Video of operation 800-995-6990   
UWE Lotus (2) @ $6995ea low hours,excellent condition 40x160watts 3x500w facials A/C, sound system,   FOB Neveda …  
 Versaspa Plus 2011/12′s(2)  sessions w/voice and heat  3 solution options, LCD display,open design,automatic wash, 52 tmax programmable codes face,legs and body options fob San Jose Ca 800-995-6990 New 3 left available@$17,995 
 Norvell Auto Revolution 2 in 1 machine 4 sol. model Call model anolog display w/air brush system builtin. no water required ,PL model  ……….  
KBL3500  Turbo$3995 09′s SN#35007093u 36x140w & 3x500w face w/new acrylics, LCD display,  body fan, ballast box accent lights, call for brochure   
KBL6800 Diva $6995, ,48×160 watts,4x500watts,It’s load , A/C ACS,Pure Air,Back Light Leds, …call for more info………800-995-6990  
Pro Fusion body wrap Brand New unopened $1495 infrared body wrap system. call for brochure picture is not the actual item similar model  
Tanses , (1)T44  10min bed,and (1) T38 12 min bed all 160watt beds low hours 1100-1500max w/accent lighting fob las vegas nv.. package priced $1995ea. call for details 800-995-6990
BlackSun VT24 $9995 w/new lamps, specs = 12,000 watts 10 min max., LCD Display,Tmax,Opensun design 3 or 1 phase wiring allow 55 amsp 1 phase or 35 amps 3 phase 2007 ISD 2857 hours FOB Nevada………….   
Formostar Body Wrap Demo, $4,500 only 11 total hrs   new body style call for video FOB San Jose Ca…
Ergoline Evolution500 2005 $7995 43x160watts & 3x500watts only 750 orginal hours  newer lamps,  w/accent lighting,exhaust boot,LCD w/new contour acrylics,loaded call 800-995-6990  
Autotransformer (5) $call New&          (7) 2 kva bucknbooster,  $195ea                 (10) 1.5 kva BB’s,  $175ea                          (3) 1.0kva BB’s, $150ea                                 FOB San Jose Ca……………..    
Ergoline Advantage 350 (2) $4995 ea. w/new lamps and only 1278 & 1965 orig. hrs. A 9 out of 10 rating . FOB San Jose Ca call 800-995-6990  
Saturn V25 $13,500 06 model year  low hours,good cond.,25×1,000watts,10min 3phase wired FOB CA…call for more info and pics
ETS Velocity HP $5995ea.  18 x1,000 watt  lamps low hours  3 phase service 80 amps room dim’s=9×9 FOB TN ………..crated ready to ship…..  
New SATURN VT25 2017 10min.max 25x700watts New Filter Glass Technology Y4,Highest UVB emmission allowed by FDA 3% (4) available call for quote includes shipping FOB Neveda….
Malibu 42/4  $2995 w/new lamps and bench acrylic, 12min.max 42x160watts & 500×4 facials ,body fans,cd/radio and tmax built in fob san jose ca 95119
Sundash Pro 332-1 (6) avail, 2008′s 1700-2100hrs 32×120 watt/ 1x400watts facial only $1495ea and (2) 332′s $995ea FOB NC and NV……………..  
New Classic Leg Tanner #HL38 $4995, 12min max ,still in original crate. One left FOB San Jose ca .800-995-6990   
Starship SCII60  Refurbished $6995 floor,Lamps,starters,fan, 9min max w/dressing room s12,000watts,  60 day part warranty fob.Ca…….  
MASTERSUN 360 $11,995 call for details 800-995-6990 FOB ILL….  
Suncapsule SCII X10′s,2011, $4995ea (2) avail.with dressing rooms 44x200watts 10min. Only 500 org. hours each. 6 month warranty,fob Mo…  
 Affinity 800
Believe 633nm 120watts 15min max for collagen rejuvenation for skin repair. FOB  Los Angeles Ca……….$5995
Caltalina 32 VIP (2) avail. $2495 with built in stereo, fans, tmax, with a new  set of lamps, and new acrylic,w/30 day warranty. FOB San Jose Ca…….  
Focus 50 VHR booth sold 2005 10 min. max exp. time 1987hrs  w/out  lamps and bucknboost transformers included 3 phase 40 amp breaker  FOB Las Vegas NV (actual finish white and stainless steel)  
Ergoline Sun Angel (3) available L5′s converted  to 12-15min exp, 52×200 watts $17,995 each.FOB Ok…….
Qmed Trolly Air brush system (2) avail.@$995 ea show demo models portable quiet w/warranty New was $2495
SunCube Laser Spray tan system $795 demo model FOB SaN Jose Ca 
Qmed Beauty Expresso $495 (2) New Air brush system for Tanning and whitening.Complete starter kit portable 800-995-6990
Montego Bay V56 2008 $4995 low hours 2meter booth FOB KY
SUNCAPSULE SUPER SONIC SCII220w, good condition,$2495 fob miro loma ca…
Ergoline 650C HP 03 ISD $6995 12min max. only 3860 orig. hours SN#0337 very clean w/25w.shoulder tanners, 33x170watts & 12x500watts in canopy. 3 phase 60 amps service  call for video fob San Jose Ca. 800-995-6990
Solaris 442/3 (2)avail. Level 2′s 15min each low hours 1471 & 1522 hrs only great condition tmax ready w/body fan FOB Las Vegas Nv…….
ISO Matrix L18M  DEC 2010 $12,500 only 650 original hours w/new set of lamps 12×800 watts 10 min, /side fob San Jose Ca 95119 
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