Used Tanning Beds


New Saturn VT25,Highest Level L6
24x650watts and 1x800watt w/radio,back lighting,new mirrored filter glass,and 2 yr warranty fob Las Vegas special $26,995 will supply last For more info go to
,Ergoline 450c (1)2004 $2295 low hours 42x160watts 4x500watt facials 12min.max palletized ready for p/up Las Vegas NV..  
AUVL Elixirs $4495. (2) 40/3′s
3phase,fully loaded w/A/C ,aroma Level 3/4′s 160watts beds 10min.
.Solaris X2 HP Booth 2009 only 1221 hours w/dressing room or w/out. 24x800watt lamps 10min max, Level 4. palletized fob. PA… $11,895ea..  
Versaspa’s Plus’s (2) available w/voice/heat, air dry,  fob… San Jose  Ca.. 2 available…session counts only 1400-1600 averages only….from $11,995…..  
SunCapsule Eclipse 250 2013 demo model with 100 original hours MSRP $18,000 will let go for $9450 w/dressing room….
in original packaging. FOB Mass…….
Tanamerica Catalina’s 2004(1)
$2495ea. Hours 23-2400hrs lamps hours 200 32x160watt and 3x400watts builtin tmax and body fans excellent condition….
KBL Pure Energy Tower  low hrs, 10min max 52x230watts 2.0meter 3phase power requ.  Back lighting $7995 fob san jose ca…  
Ets Sundome 548 09 call $3995 for orig.hrs.1381 48x160watt super clean 10min.max LCD display, f.o.b. San Jose, Ca…..
Ets Solarforce 648 2009′s (2) avail. 60 lamps 12min. max.Level 4 bed.low hrs 1300-2800. LCD,display,shoulder tanners,stereo speakers,etc…FOB TN….
Ergoline JK kiss model 2006 (5)avail.20min max 32x120watt orig.hrs are 4000 approx. call for special package pricing fob NC…..$2500ea.
ERGOLINE AMBITIONS 250′s (5) 2006 models low hrs 2700 call for package pricing fob NC……………..$2995ea…
Tanamerica Sunup2 2004 $1995
orig. hours 2134,Lmp,hrs 215
48x160watt 2x1000watt facials.
10min max tmax and CD built in
42 Collagen Body wave New $13,995 price reduced was $16,995. 42x180watt red lights w/Beauty Vibro Plate only both IN USA wit clinical for Brochure….  
 UWE Black Energy XL 2007 $4195 w/A\C Aroma Therapy, 12min max ,orig. hrs 2871  
New Leg Tanner for 2014 $7495                           
36VHOR lamps 12min.max,tmax built in,Dims 52x31in,electronic ballast,20amp circuit @230volts LED back lighting 3 color inventory available
Dr.Muller Orbit Flex  2001′s yr. SOLD 44x160watts and 4x1000watt facials 12min max 3 phase only…..40 amps
Ergoline 600′s (1 )avail. $3379ea
50x160watts & 4x500watts face and
shoulder tanners back lighting exhaust kit, etc… FOB..NV…..
TA Santa Barbra’s(1)&(1)
32x120watt and 3x400watt facials 4 & 3 w/out facials w/tmax and body fans 15min max 2400-2800hrs lamp hours 200-300hrs call for details$1995ea.fob St Luis Mo….
TanAmerica Pacifica 2008 $2995ea.36x160watt 3 facials w/fan and t-max builtin low hours super clean FOB NV………………
 Ergoline Avantguard 2002/3  (2) w/air conditioning ,misters,50 lamps,shoulder tanners,facials ,voice prompt,accent lighting,with new lamps super clean $9995ea.  ,fob las vegas Nv………………..  
Velocity HP1000 2010 (2) avail. Less than 1000hrs on both $10,500ea obo. 18×1,000watts lamps, shoulder tanners,LCD,MP3,DMX,FMtuner,tmax wireless ready,body cooling, accent lighting.Level 5 beds…..  
ERgoline Radius 252  2006 model orig. hrs.4400 call for pricing fob…NC $5395…  
. Ergoline 650 COMBI HP bed 2004 (3) Avail.$8995ea.w/33x170watt&12x500watt w/25watt shoulder tanners, air conditioning, With new lamps FOB Las Vegas Nv….call for details…….  
Tanses T52/4 (2) 2008 7 min bed, (1)T44  10min bed,and (1) T38 12 min bed all 160watt in canopy and bench low hours 1100-1500max w/accent lighting fob las vegas nv.. package priced at $9995.00 2 beds have new lamps call for details
Matrix L33 2004 Qty (2)$13895 27x650watts6x1,000watts w/rotating fixtures, low hours ,Manual Lift, 12min max 3 phase wired fob. NV..
Formostar Body  wrap New  2014 model  $7995  FOB san jose ca…..(1 )at this price only…
ERGOLINE EV600 w/A/C and 2006 model orig.hrs 2800 excellent condition call for pricing…fob NC and Ca….$7995  
ETS 756 refurbished $6995
1319hrs.8min.max, 56x200w, lighting in/out,
cd/am/fm radiow/speakers 2.meter booth.f.o.b. san jose Ca …. 
UWE Sunboard Plus HP$5995  Level 4 13x1000watts and 10x400watts 15min.max New bench acrylic w/in 100hrs 2004 model.FOB..Las Vegas NV…..
ETS 2011 SS755 $8,995 orig hrs 625.  10min max 200 watt lamps x 55 +5x 500watt facials,10x26watt shoulder tanner,digital display level 4 fob ST.Luis Mo…
Mystic Tan HD 2010 low session count excellent condition . fully loaded, heat ,voice,auto wash, w/quiet compressor. FOB NC….$12900
Sunstar 332 (2006)
$2,295.00 (2) QTY
Original hours. 1164
15 min exposure time
32 / 120 Watt lamps
Royal Sun 38 Turbo’s (2005)
choke ballast 160watts
12Min.Max,w/vent kits SOLD (2) Available
Alphasun 38/18 facials with new lamps
15min max low hours $2395 FOB LV NV….
ERGO JK Soltron champs S-40 model (2) neck tanners,38/3 120watt very clean price to sell $3795..fob MO… 15min max level 2 beds dim’s 87×47 LXW  
Saturn HP25 2006 $13,995 only 1221hrs. 10 min max. 25x1000watts excellent cond. FOB NY….
Classic Leg Tanner (2) $1495ea 2008′s 12min.max #HL38 low hours good condition fob ok. 1 phase 15amps 220volt  
Ergoline Beauty Angel  RT30 orig.hrs 365 fully loaded with vibration plate. SOLD plus  S&H fob San JOSE CA…………….

Suncube Laser Airbrush Sys. $1095 w/ organic solution.